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The first session usually lasts an hour and a half as your medical and lifestyle history is taken into account. Thereafter, treatment is approximately 1 hour.

You remain fully clothed lying on a massage table as your arms and legs are gently put into different simple positions, before light pressure is applied to monitor a specific muscle. Any imbalances found are corrected using gentle techniques such as massage of reflex points, emotional stress release and nutritional advice. The end of your treatment will leave you feeling  balanced & relaxed. I include your follow up advice by email as part of your treatment.

While significant benefits can be found from an initial treatment, in general most people need between 3-6 sessions to gain optimum and lasting benefit. It all depends on what your symptoms are and how long you have had them. Treatments are spread out over several weeks/months.

Treatments for;

Low energy – IBS – Indigestion – Infections – Toxins – Deficiencies – Skin problems – Injuries – Pain – Menstrual pain – Low self-esteem – Fears, phobias & anxieties – Learning difficulties – Stress – Muscular skeletal problems & all common health problems…