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“I first went to Caroline complaining of long term fatigue, sluggishness, brain fog and weight gain. She picked up on an issue with my thyroid. I went to the Dr who recommended eltroxin.
I was reluctant to go on medication long term so returned to Caroline who found a way to stimulate my system into action through vitamins and minerals. I returned to the gp for bloods 8 weeks later. They rang to tell me that they meds’ had worked. I never started them. Kinesiology with Caroline had worked.
The second major complaint I went to Caroline with was gall stones. The Dr wanted to ‘whip it out’. I worked with Caroline again to clear the gallbladder. I returned for a scan and it was clear. I avoided surgery. I have continued in good health ever since and touch base for a little tune up whenever needed. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Caitriona, Donegal.

Back pain & digestive system

“Caroline helped me with some issues surrounding back pain, thyroid and diet and managed to identify some problem areas which I’m working on successfully. I’d highly recommend her services and her as a person. She has a very calming presence and gentle nature with bundles of wisdom and great advice..” – Leon, Leitrim. 

Pain, arthritis

“Since going to Caroline I have noticed huge improvements with my pain and arthritis. The pain was so bad at night, I couldn’t sleep. We worked on healing my gut & dietary changes. I have been suffering for years and am feeling much better and am sleeping again! Highly recommended.”- Maria, Leitrim.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

“I was diagnosed with Carpal tunnel syndrome and was in constant pain. It would waken me up at night & my two hands would be asleep. Driving my car my hands would fall asleep. Working on my farm using a shovel or a tool with a handle, my hands would lock in the shape of the handle and be in pain. Now after visiting Caroline she tested me for what I was lacking in and recommended vitamins and I never had to go back to my doctor since. It was so bad my doctor wanted me to have an operation, now I am in no pain and can sleep all night. Thank you Caroline.” – Gabriel, Leitrim.

Insomnia & restless leg syndrome

“Wanted to say my RLS has improved by 70% You are fab!!!!! Delighted, first bit of decent sleep in months!!! 2 nights I had nothing at all, bliss!! Soooo happy! Your brill I swear thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Jason, Donegal.

Skin problems & fatigue

“I have been going to Caroline for systematic kinesiology
treatments since the summer and my symptoms which were very intense are now clearing. I am regaining my energy, my health and my headspace. She is an excellent practitioner, truly getting to the depths of my symptoms and healing them. I spent years trying to figure things out but with systematic kinesiology the guesswork and misdiagnosis is removed, getting straight to the root of the problem.
She is extremely skilled, knowledgable and intuitive. I whole heartedly recommend her.” – Stephanie, Leitrim

Psoriasis- long term

“Thank you Caroline -3 months on and feeling much improved. As a long term psoriasis sufferer kinesiology proves that its not a simple steroid cream fix- diet and biochemistry the way to go. Thank you again😊” – Shirley, Leitrim


“Caroline has been instrumenal in changing my health. I was feeling exhausted, I was bloated after all meals and generally had a feeling of being unable to digest food properly, thanks to two or three visits to Caroline, I can honestly say my life has been transformed. Caroline explained each step of the process right the way through and reassured me throughout. I really cannot recommend Caroline and Kinesihealth enough. Thank you so much.” -Barry, Longford.

Reflux/acid indigestion

“Starting kinesiology session with Caroline was one of the best things I’ve ever done. For years I was on medication for reflux and in one kinesiology session I sorted out my problem. Getting back on track and better health now thanks to Caroline and kinesiology! Highly recommended!” – Sara, Longford

Digestion & Fatigue

“I attended caroline recently as I was getting bloated and my energy levels were down. I was very impressed with the whole treatment. She tested my whole system and found where I was out of sync and did some gentle adjustments that I could feel the effects from immediately. She also told me what foods to avoid and supplements to take. Its two weeks since and I feel SO much better. The bloating stopped immediately and I have much more energy. Would highly recommend. Thanks caroline ” -Elizabeth, Leitrim

Skin problems

“Highly recommended , I got amazing results from a few sessions ,after spending months on steroid creams trying to mask an onset of eczema which was all over my body. Caroline is a mindful of knowledge.” -Aisling, Donegal

Low energy

“I had never heard of Kinesiology before I had a treatment with Caroline but had been recommended by a friend. To say I was blown away with the things she picked up is an understatement. Before I went I was really tired and lacking energy also very emotional. After being assessed I was given a sheet with all the things I needed to take for a month including magnesium and gluten free products. I feel like a different person now and would thoroughly recommend Caroline to everyone.”- Bernie, Leitrim.

Chronic skin condition & stress

“I was suffering from a prolonged illness – Eczema over 70% of my body and a bacterial skin infection on my face – I had seen seven doctors and got seven different diagnoses, I had been prescribed two courses of antibiotics which did not work and been hospitalised overnight with arms so swollen the triage nurse had doubts he could even get a blood sample from me. After a long and distressing experience for several months with no improvement Caroline identified my condition, its cause and a treatment with systematic kinesiology. The treatment had a positive effect within days and a few weeks later I was happily well on the road to what became a complete recovery. I have had good experiences with complementary treatments in the past, however I found systematic kinesiology as an approach and Caroline as a practitioner to be so helpful that I now use it regularly and as my first choice in time of need.

I found hope in a very desperate place and swift resolution for my condition with Caroline. I can’t thank Caroline enough for helping me when I felt hope was gone. I warmly recommend Caroline and systematic kinesiology to anyone who has had difficulty finding help and hope with health problems.” – Niall, Dublin.

Full balance treatment

“I had a muscle test and balance with Caroline yesterday and was very impressed. I found Caroline’s manner very professional but also kind, caring and empathetic. She has a wealth of knowledge which she imparts in a way that is helpful and encouraging, making things simple and undaunting. I am delighted with both the safe and entirely accepting space she created as well as the very thorough treatment. I would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone.” -Bernie, Dublin.

Baby Eczema

“I found kinesiology a great treatment, as it focused on the cause of a problem and not masking it with lotions and potions. Kinesiology is non invasive and very easy to do on a toddler. I noticed results within a few days. Caroline was also a huge help in making the changes in my son’s diet advising on alternatives as I didn’t know where to start and easy to contact if any other questions popped up. Kinesiology is a great natural way of treatment with amazing results in a very short time.” – Danielle, Drogheda


“I was very pleased with the results I got from Caroline. I had been putting off going to a doctor as my problem was embarrassing. I did think that maybe I had food intolerances and after 1 appointment Caroline told me what foods to avoid. She was spot on and within a week I was feeling so much better & a lot of my symptoms had ceased. I would certainly recommend kinesiology to my friends, I felt Caroline was interested in me, how I was & if I was improving, as she texted from time to time. Now I know what foods to avoid, I have more energy and feel so good!” – Carol, Laytown

Stress & digestive problems

“Just a quick email to say I felt fantastic after that session yesterday, when I left your clinic I almost skipped home.” – Gareth, Dublin 2