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In an effort to make dietary changes easier for my clients and friends, I have decided to share my knowledge from my time working and training in health food shops, reading books on nutrition, learning kinesiology and researching recipes online to show you how you can have the things you like as a healthier version, and I honestly can say, they DO taste better too!

I make gluten, dairy and if at all possible & most importantly, fructose or sugar free recipes. Indeed some of the recipes I use are vegan, raw and vegetarian too so there’s something for everyone.. hopefully! 😉

Some recipes are my own and most are from researching. Where relevant I will post the source of the recipes that come from elsewhere.

Guiltless Pleasures…..where you CAN have your cake and eat it.………..because it will be packed full of essential fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and will be sweetened naturally.


2 thoughts on “Guiltless Pleasures food blog”

  1. Caroline
    Had to come straight to your web page after this mornings presentation. Will be trying out something today so off to SupeValu in Ballisodare to get supplies. Will send photos when I get going

    Best wishes

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